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Boston's first queer-led, queer-focused Morris team!

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What Is Morris?

Morris dance is a very silly folk dance from England. It involves bells and a lot of skipping, and is usually performed at events by practiced teams, rather than done socially like contra or swing.

Where did morris come from?

Allegedly, Morris is an ancient druidic ritual dance out of England. More likely, it was invented within the last thousand years  as a way to annoy your landlord. The earliest record of morris dance is from the 1400s.

Where/when does Whistle Pig practice?

Right now we're in transition to our warm weather space, so sign up for emails to get word of where we'll be practicing from week to week. From October until the weather gets warm we practice Tuesdays 6PM - 8PM at The Foundry at 101 Rogers st in Cambridge.

In the warmer months, we practice every Tuesday at Hogkins-Curtin Park in Somerville, 6PM-8PM.

Do I need to know anything about morris to join?

No! We take beginners and experts alike, and we can teach you everything you need to caper with us!

Do I have to be LGBT+ to join?

Setting imposter syndrome aside (If you find yourself asking if you're 'gay enough' to be on the team, you're gay enough to be on the team) we take everyone who wants to join us! We are queer led and dedicated first and foremost to the safety and joy of our queer members, but allies are welcome to join too!

What does "queer-focused" mean?

Morris is sometimes a gendered sport, with "men's teams" and "women's teams". First of all, we are an all-gender team! Aside from that, the team is run by queer folks and a core principle is that it should be a space that is safe and comfortable for its queer members. That doesn't mean we don't want other folks to join, but it does mean that in conflicts of schedule or other such simple things, we will tend to lean towards meeting the needs of our queer members first.

See What We're Up To!

We practice weekly and perform about once a month. Take a look to see where to see us!

Hodgkins-Curtin Park

We are practicing these days at Hodgkins-Curtin Park just a few minute walk from the Davis Square T stop.
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